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I have...

[ ] smoked

[x] consumed alcohol
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex (technically it was a couple of couch cushions on the floor but)
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
[x] kissed someone of the same sex 
[x] kissed someone of the opposite sex
[x] had someone in your room other than family
[x] watched porn (word of advice: if you're like 10 and hear some guys talking about porn/hentai in the hallway dON'T GOOGLE IT)
[ ] bought porn
[ ] tried drugs

[x] taken painkillers 
[x] taken someone else's prescription medicine
[x] lied to your parents
[x] lied to a friend
[x] snuck out of the house (it was my friend's house to my other friend's house because the original mom's was being a bitch and my mom didn't know)
[x] done something illegal (^^^^past state curfew)
[x] felt hurt
[x] hurt someone 
[/] gotten into a fight (does verbal count?)
[x] wished someone to die
[ ] seen someone die. 
TOTAL: 16.5

[x] missed curfew
[ ] stayed out all night 
[x] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[x] been to a therapist
[ ] received a ticket
[ ] been to rehab 
[x] dyed your hair 
[/] been in an accident 
[ ] been to a club 
[ ] been to a bar 

[ ] been to a wild party.
[ ] drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night
[ ] had a spring break in Florida
[ ] sniffed anything 
[x] wore black nail polish
[ ] wore arm bands
[x] wore t-shirts with band names
[x] listened to rap 
[ ] owned a 50 Cent CD 

[x] dressed gothic 
[ ] dressed lolita
[x] dressed girly
[x] dressed punk
[ ] dressed grunge
[x] stole something 
[ ] been too drunk to remember anything
[ ] blacked out
[x] fainted 
[x] laughed at someones pain
[ ] had a crush on a neighbor

[x] had a crush on a friend 
[x] been to a concert.
[ ] dry-humped someone
[x] been called a slut 
[x] called someone a slut
[ ] installed speakers in your car 
[x] broken a mirror 
[ ] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house 
[ ] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush. 

[ ] considered Ludicrous your favorite rapper
[ ] seen an R-rated movie in theater 
[ ] cruised on mail 
[ ]skipped school
[ ] had surgery 
[x] had an injury 
[ ] gone to court 
[ ] walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping
[x] caught something on fire 
[x] lied about your age 

[ ] owned/rented an apartment/house 
[ ] broke the law in the police's presence 
[/] made out with someone who had a gf/bf (
[ ] got in trouble with the police 
[x] talked to a stranger 
[ ] hugged a stranger 
[ ] licked a stranger 
[ ] been verbally harassed
[ ] been physically harassed
TOTAL: 39.5

[ ] met face-to-face with someone you met online (i w ISH)
[x] stayed online for 5+ hours straight
[x] talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight
[x] watched TV for 5 hours straight 
[x] been to a fair
[x] been called a bad influence 
[ ] drank and drove
[x] prank-called someone
[x] laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex
[x] cheated on a test (i wish in f IFTH GRADE) 

GRAND: 47.5

If You Have Less Than 10...Write [I'm a Goody Goody]
If You Have More Than 10...Write [I'm average]
If You Have More Than 20...Write [I'm bad kid]
If You Have More Than 30...Write [I'm a bad influence]
If You Have More Than 40...Write [I'm a horrible person]
If You Have More Than 50...Write [I should be in jail]
If you have More Than 60...Write [I should be shot]
If You Have More Than 70...Write [I should be dead]

Your Loli/Shota side:
[x] You tilt your head when you’re confused.
[x] You love sweets and cute things.
[ ] You are often confused and lost in conversations with your friends.
[x] People often call you cute.
[x] You care a lot about your friends.
[x] You embarrass yourself a lot with silly question or statements.
[/] You like pastel colors.
[x] You enjoy listening to cute, sweet, gentle songs.
[x] You add things to the end of your friend’s names (such as “chan” or “-y”, i.e. Hime = Himey. ) (okay not 'chan' but dumb cutesy thing to annoy them)
[ ] People often say “aww” when you’ve done something clumsy/silly. 
[x] You like anime/movies about romance, love and friendship. 
Total: 8.5

Your Tsundere side:
[x] You come off as tough and confident on the outside, when you are actually soft and emotional on the inside.
[x] You often hide your true feelings for someone. 
[/] You are caring but deny it when someone tells it to you.
[x] You are protective. 
[/] When someone bugs you, you tell them right away strongly, but are still on the inside worried that you’ve hurt them.
[x] You are easily embarrassed.
[x] Compliments make you feel awkward and you always deny them.
[x] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings. 
[x] You can be violent at times.
[x] You may hurt people a lot, but regret it right away.
[ ] When people say Thank You, you often reply by saying it was for yourself
[ ] You never cry in front of others. 
Total: 9

Your Yandere side:
[x] You are often loving, caring, sweet - until someone upsets you badly.
[x] When angry, you normally hide it until the time for revenge is right.
[x] You can at times, be obsessive.
[x] People have said you are “two-faced”.
[x] People tell you that you’re nice, but can be creepy at times.
[/] You scare the crap out of your friends when you get upset.
[ ] People find it weird to see you anything other than gentle and smiling. 
[x] When you’re upset, sometimes you still smile, even when saying something harsh. 
[x] You can get very violent.
[/] You love to help people, but often love to help yourself more.
[x] You like slow, sweet, but twisted songs.
[x] You like colors like dark blue or light red.
Total: 10

Your Kuudere side:
[/] You don’t show your emotions to others.
[/] You hide your true feelings. 
[x] When you become close to someone, you slowly open up.
[x] Although you don’t show it, you are easily made happy.
[x] You care for others a lot, still you don’t show it.
[x] People think you are mysterious. (idk w HY but like 4 people have told me that)
[x] You can be shy.
[/] You aren’t very loud, rather silent.
[ ] You know who to trust and who not to.
[ ] You choose your friends wisely.
[x] You like simple colors, like light purple or white.
[/] You are rather mature.
Total: 9

Your Dandere side:
[x] You are a shy person.
[/] You are quiet and don’t speak up for yourself. 
[x] You look down instead of straight forwards when walking. 
[/] You sometimes go to extreme levels just to get out of public speaking.
[/] You have stage fright.
[/] You are stoic and not very open.
[x] You hide yourself with your hair at times. 
[ ] Your face starts boiling when speaking with others. 
[/] You speak very quietly in case you say something silly or you sound weird. 
[x] You are afraid of meeting new people. 
[x] You are a hard worker. 
[x] You do not have as many friendships as others, but those you do have, you cherish very much.
Total: 8.5

I'm a yandere


  • Listening to: Dead Hearts - Stars
  • Watching: Mr. Peabody and Sherman
My school's musical is a few weeks from now so rehearsals are now running longer and are more strenuous, so when I get home I don't have the time nor energy to get any work done. Doesn't help that we're going to have weekend rehearsals from now on. Dance team tryouts are the week after closing night, so I'll be really busy until the end of February. I'm really sorry, but whenever I have the time I'll try and get stuff done. 

Gross sobbing
  • Listening to: Bye bye bye - N Sync
.:Q andA is Open, Ask Away!:. by iiNeotrix
.:Q andA is Open, Ask Away!:.
I'm doing the thing anyway

You can ask any of my OCs (left to right)

Or me (the one hanging off the ceiling like a fucking bat idk why)


Literally anything it can be the meaning of life or just some shit to annoy them

Sprites - Nexon, Maplestory, Bannedstory
Editing Software -
Jace - DemonFireFox
Nixxy - R0WLAINA, LilMissLemon, iiDomoTardx3
Ky - R0WLAINA, mimihgfh, WitchCooper
Ryo - SweetTsunderexD 
Eric - StarDotPaw
Keith - StarDotPaw
Rose - DeathlyBetrayal 
Neotrix - iimeggie, InspirationalMonster
If I opened up Q&A's for my OC's

Would anyone ask them something? 

Just out of curiosity 
  • Listening to: Bye bye bye - N Sync
How do you take selfies .:Selfie Tag:. by iiNeotrix
How do you take selfies .:Selfie Tag:.
[Edit]: Updated because other one was really gross

This one is too but

Less gross [End edit]

h OW 



Deleting this in 24 hours I promise

I'm sorry you had to witness this

Got tagged by this cutie Alohani

But I can't think of anyone I wanna nominate ^^; 


Edit: Okay I'm acting cool in the comments but literally Im blushing hella and squeaking like h ow stop being so nice people please


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Hello friend's, name's Skylar. I'm a 15 year, gender-fluid, piece of american trash. I spend my time dancing, writing, watching grown men scream at video games, and sobbing over fictional characters.

I'm a they/them btw.
I.D. made by me
Icon made by ChocoIat


-Finish RP starter
-Finish meme
-Make at least one song themed picture per OC

Social Media:
Deviant Art - I'm hilarious.
Facebook - Only for super best friend, 'aight.
Skype - ixelectra
Twitter - I don't even remember it.
Tumblr - (I'm really active here. Really active.)

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