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I swear I should just use this to post dumb things my characters would say to eachother
How do you take selfies .:Selfie Tag:. by iiNeotrix
How do you take selfies .:Selfie Tag:.
h OW 



Deleting this in 24 hours I promise

I'm sorry you had to witness this

Got tagged by this cutie Alohana

But I can't think of anyone I wanna nominate ^^; 


Edit: Okay I'm acting cool in the comments but literally Im blushing hella and squeaking like h ow stop being so nice people please
After seeing so many people do it, I decided:


Why the hell not? 


If you got a crack pairing you wanna see (whether it be between just my OCs or with one of your own)

Lemme know so I can make a picture or maybe even a same drabble of them (in this case though, helps if they've interacted a few times so I know how'd they act and such)



So yeah! 

If you wanna see two (or maybe three, I'm not gonna judge) characters in a crack pairing, send the suggestion my way!

Characters available for crack ships:
-Lilith (Age 16) Bio:…
-Rose (Age 15) Bio:…
-Stacey (Age 17) Bio:…
-Leila (Age 16) Bio: N/A. She's quite shy and quiet, very sweet. 
-Jace (Age 15) Bio: N/A. He's very laid back and kind. 
-Luke (Age 17) Bio: N/A. He's a goofball. 
-Zayne (Age 18) Bio: N/A. He's very quiet, doesn't talk much. 
-Keith (Age 17) Bio: N/A. Very energetic and optimistic. 
-Eric (Age 16) Bio: N/A. Teases and jokes a lot. 
-Daemon (Age 17) Bio: N/A. Very laid back and silly, loves joking around. 
-Ryo (Age 18) Bio: N/A. Seems pretty cool at first. He's a giant nerd. 

  • Listening to: WAVE - 96Neko
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I'm sorry. 

I got so much shit I gotta do (both dA related and non related)

And what am I doing?

Starting to make a character relations page and re-watching Cry Plays: Corpse Party. 

When I should be practicing choreography for dance, writing an essay for theatre, writing a skit for theatre, planning and budgeting cosplays, and doin OC themed things.

Fucking hell. 


Tbh I'm feeling so lightheaded I should probably just sleep the rest of the day. 

But I gotta force myself to do things. 
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The fun stuff first. 

Tamaki [Prince Type]:
[ ] You are French
[/] You're a very romantic person
[x] You flirt a lot with girls/boys. (My friends only though, and most of the time it's un-intentional)
[x] Easily fooled by things that wouldn't fool most.
[ ] You're overly eccentric in everything you do.
[x] You care about you family deeply even if they don't return the feelings
[ ] Your birthday is April 8th
[x] You're slow when it comes to your own feelings.
Total: 4.5

Kyoya [Cool Type]:
[x] You wear glasses.
[x] You are known for being "evil". 
[ ] Your favorite foods are anything spicy.
[/] You excel in everything you do
[x] You're a very calculating person.
[ ] Your birthday is November 22.
[x] You hate waking up in the morning.
[/] You never like to do anything unless it has a benefit. 
Total: 5 

Honey [Loli Shota Type]:
[x] You're the shortest out of your friends
[x] You love cakes and sweets.
[x] You have a stuffed animal that has special meaning to you.
[ ] You are/have taken a martial arts class.
[ ] You are close to your cousins.
[/] You look a lot younger than you are.
[ ] You're born on February 29th
[ ] Your favorite subject is math.
Total: 3.5

Mori [Wild Type]:
[ ] You're the tallest out of your friends.
[/] You only talk when you need to
[x] You're protective of people you care for.
[ ] Your favorite food is Japanese food
[x] When bad things happen you tend to blame yourself a lot.
[ ] Your birthday is May 5th
[x] You're not much of a leader but more of a follower.
[x] Not many people know what you're thinking
Total: 4.5

Hikaru [Devil Type]:
[x] You and your sibling have a strong bond.
[x] You're a very cynical person.
[x] You like to mess with your siblings a lot.
[ ] You're the oldest sibling.
[ ] Your birthday is June 9th
[ ] You like Italian food
[x] You get jealous easily
[x] You don't make friends easily
Total: 5

Kaoru [Devil Type]:
[x] You like to play games.
[x] Favorite subject, English.
[x] You enjoy fashion/cosplay.
[x] You're nicer than your siblings
[ ] Your birthday is June 9th
[x] You're very forgiving.
[x] You'd rather give someone something and go without to make that person happy. 
[x] You like playing tricks on people.
Total: 6

Haruhi [Natural Type]:
[ ] You don't care about trivial things like appearance 
[x] You're tight with money.
[x] You get along with guys well. 
[/] You're blunt about everything.
[ ] You're an excellent cook. 
[/] You have a hard time understanding love 
[ ] Your birthday is February 4th
[x] People feel like they can open up and talk to you easily 
Total: 4

Okay, why am I the uke. W hy. 

Anyway, the updates: 

-I got a new laptop charger, I'm so fuckin happy about that. 
-I'm in Theatre and Jazz this school year, so I'll be busy a lot so I might not be too active. I also can't feel like legs because of jazz. 
-I joined a cosplay group! I'll be cosplaying Rin Kagamine. 
-I'm also doing video editing and photo processing for said group. 
-Me and our Len are drafting a Prisoner/Paper Planes shoot and a World Is Mine video, as well as some skits. 
-Might post some pictures here of all that here. 

And that's all! Love ya'll <3

  • Listening to: Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy
  • Watching: Cosplay Tutorials


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Hello friend's, name's Neo. Complete fanboy trash that likes working with bannedstory, roleplaying, and sobbing over fictional characters.

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-Finish RP starter
-Finish meme
-Make at least one song themed picture per OC

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